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It's important to find the feeling

Time : 2017-03-20 16:58:40

Riding is a [art] feeling, feeling is the most fundamental relationship between people. The feeling is not touch, can not be measured and the real existence. Experts from the horse's movement, "read" the use of those feelings of the rider, the feeling can be "goods" can be "aftertaste". After years of training, good riders in technology and knowledge can be roughly close, but the difference on the feeling of riding the high level open.
Super rider convey their feelings to the horse, the horse to become a mature horse, horse, horse and rider top; common sense of self is not enough, they are difficult to tune out of the top horse, to experience the top can only use the money to buy a horse, bought a long time, my feeling is not strong enough, then the horse the feeling will gradually lose, even with a bad feeling, so please come to restore a good rider horse feeling, if the horse feel damaged seriously, feeling difficult to restore, only to buy a horse, bought back the feeling. Modern technology is advanced enough, but in riding in this industry, computer and machine is absolutely replace the rider, feel to teach or rely on people, on a good rider. Therefore, the life of the rider in the pursuit of feeling, the feeling is hedge.
The feeling is born, can only sense but difficult to explain, so it is difficult to "teach". Feeling depends on the "understanding", can not understand, can get inspiration from others; when people and horses at the same time have the kind of tacit understanding, that feeling will seize. Once you have the feeling, it belongs to you. And this feeling is hierarchical, on a layer and see a higher layer.
Youth is on horseback to school feeling, their body coordination, from perceptual directly seize the feeling; otherwise minor advantages in this regard, rich life experience and way of doing things they can do feel at the horse; and women the most unique advantage of the sixth sense, can often defeat powerful male riders.
Feeling can be strengthened through training, the essence is to strengthen the transfer of feelings. The first thing is to accurately transfer, to accurately understand the feeling of horse riders, in senior athletics, feeling to near absolute accuracy, is to ensure the safety of people, can make the horse immediately restore self-confidence, resolutely carried beyond.
The transmission of feeling is bidirectional, and the horse knows the rider in a moment. So when a "weak" rider, in the face of obstacles beyond the ability, the hearts of the "virtual" feeling, a sense of distrust of the horse, often resulting in failure beyond. Especially the amateur rider, in the initial stage, the bad feelings must do their utmost to avoid, because this will persist in the future rider memory, jump obstacles will relapse, it will also remain in the horse's memory, when the accident occurred many times, the horse's head will be "empty", the the degree of harm is far greater than the limb of the patient, often leads to the movement of the horse end of life. So, learning riding, down-to-earth, step by step. In this regard, any quick even Yamiaozhuzhang practices are harmful ma. In the final analysis, the horse is God, it does not tend to the utilitarian value of society. Horse by feeling, people from the first, to the Royal horse.