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Engineering and Site Preparation

Time£º2019-02-14 15:48:42

As soon as possible, make contact with your Excavator to start preparing the site using the floor/elevation plan provided. Remember adequate access to the site is required. Installing a road to the site is necessary for the passing of equipment. In addition, making sure you always have access to your site in the event of an emergency is a must. Your excavator can assist you in determining the material to use that will best serve your needs and compliment the terrain. Each MDBarnmaster Contract includes engineered plans that are necessary to obtain permits and will be used in the site preparation. These plans will arrive approximately 3-4 weeks from the date of your contract. Immediately upon receipt, apply for your permits, if required. By this time, your site should be ready for the concrete, plumbing and electric. It is recommended that you do not install any concrete, plumbing or electric until you have received and reviewed, with your contractors, your engineering plans. Your piers can be set, your plumbing and electric can be installed, then the finish work on your concrete can be completed. Feel free to give your contractors your MDBarnmaster Representative mobile number to answer any questions they may have.