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Shedraw inline barn

Time:2017-02-23 19:56:44

Shedrow Inline Barns

Beautiful as they are versatile. Shedrow barns  can be configured to fit in areas with limited space.

Our Shedrow horse barns are a perfect fit if you need a smaller barn. Shedrow Inline Barns are an excellent choice for warm weather climates and seasonal activities including races or shows. 

Are you limited on the amount of space that is available for your barn? MD Barnmaster can arrange your shedrow barn in a U, L, H shape, or a back to back design that fits perfectly in smaller spaces.

Every  Barn Features:

  • Lifetime kick/chew-proof warranty
  • Zero fire spread safety rating
  • Easy cleaning/sanitizing prevents the spread of disease
  • Will not harbor bacteria or virus
  • Low maintentenance