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Ranch barn

Time:2019-02-12 14:13:31

Ranch Series is the perfect centerpiece for the ranch youve always dreamed of!
Its a solid, well built, safe environment for your horses with features that make it virtually maintenance-free. You have more important things to do than worry about your barn. But theres nothing that says a hard working barn cant look good. Available in four different roof lines and a wide variety of colors, this solid investment will look like a million bucks for years to come.

Practical for your busy lifestyle:

  • Ranch Series Stall Fronts feature easy-to-maintain, all-steel interior with color accents in just the right places.
  • Steel Tack and Feed storage thats as easy to maintain as our stall system.
  • Integrity:
  • 14 gauge galvanized steel frame built to last a lifetime.
  • 26 guage roof panels that are leak-free and stand up to high winds and heavy snow loads.

Safest Horse Housing Product Available:

  • Steel interior wall system that is Kick-Proof, Chew-Proof and has a 0% Fire Spread rating.
  • Walls are easy to sanitize, keeping your horse safe from disease.

Virtually Unlimited Configurations:

  • From single-stall shedrow to boarding facilities, our modular design allows the flexibility to build the barn of your dreams.
  • Unlimited architectural style options including three standard rooflines: